Over 65-year-long experience in production of explosives and ammunition gives us the wide knowledge of their production technology and about the needs of the defence and mining merkets.

Thinking about changing needs of the markets we aim to offer the most suitable solutions for all our customers, developing new products and state-of -the art. technologies. We are very active in R&D programs that we are running together with Polish and foreign institutes such as: Military University of Technology, Organic Chemistry Institute, Warsaw University of Technology etc.

Such an activity would not be possible without outside funds eg. special purpose European funds or destination from Polish ministries that we are granted.

Currently opened R&D projects will allow us production of modern, high-energy explosives like NTO, FOX-7, CL20 and low-sensitivity compositions, used for insensitive ammunition as well as implementation of advanced solutions for water and sewage installations at our production lines.

One of our last achivements on R&D field was launching in 2012 of the innovative plastic films production line, on which we can manufacture cPP, PET and PLA films used in packaging and food industries.